Your perfect vacation begins surrounded by the pristine and crystal blue waters of Mexico's Gulf and Pacific coasts, infused with the true spirit and culture of luxury resorts. Enjoy the tranquil ambience and beauty of our luxurious 5 Star Mexico resorts set amid white sandy beaches, gentle breezes, tropical gardens, ancient native ruins, and panoramic mountains. Pamper yourself with golf and spa packgaes, gourmet restaurants, and more.

5 Star Mexico Resorts presents luxury resorts, all-inclusive resorts, and vacation rentals featuuring world class beaches, relaxing spas, fitness centers, water sports, and the best hospitality you will find anywhere in the world.

Endless possibilities await our guests at these great resorts.
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Latest Travel News from CNN - RSS Channel - App Travel Section

11/19/2019 03:59 AM
Where you can dive for pearls
With more than 200 islands, stretches of quiet beaches and nearly eternal sunshine, Abu Dhabi has plenty to offer water lovers.

11/12/2019 07:19 PM
We bought a $1 house in Italy. Here's what happened next
It seemed like a deal too good to be true. A new house -- and potentially a whole new life -- for sale in sunkissed rural Italy for the princely sum of just one euro, or little over a dollar.

11/18/2019 03:41 AM
14 of the world's great horse treks
There's nothing quite like exploring the world on its oldest form of transportation.

11/12/2019 04:24 PM
Restaurant earns fame with $185 sandwich
Welcoming diners such as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, sporting icon David Beckham and superstar musician Ed Sheeran would be enough to make any restaurateur weep with joy.

11/12/2019 03:23 AM
Photos capture rare rhinos in tender moments
British wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas has incredible pictures of endangered rhinos in Kenya.

11/18/2019 09:35 AM
On board the world's longest flight
The experimental research flight by Qantas landed in Sydney on Friday, after flying nonstop from London, breaking two aviation records.

11/11/2019 07:35 AM
15 hotels that go all-out for Christmas
Twinkling lights, glitter and gourmet menus galore -- without a single dish to wash or tree to trim.

11/12/2019 06:06 AM
Why the Faroe Islands will close to tourists in 2020
Managing a popular tourist attraction can be kind of like throwing a party -- everyone wants to come and have fun, but nobody wants to help clean up when it's over.

11/07/2019 11:41 AM
Huge trove of mammoth skeletons found in Mexico
Archaeologists in Mexico have uncovered mammoth traps containing the remains of at least 14 of the giant creatures.

11/11/2019 09:02 AM
Man runs marathon in every country on Earth
British man Nick Butter has become the first person to run a marathon in all 196 countries recognized by the United Nations, finishing his challenge in Greece on Sunday.

Latest Travel News from USA Today

GANNETT Syndication Service

08/20/2019 07:15 AM
Ranking top airlines

08/20/2019 07:16 AM
Most walkable U.S. cities

08/20/2019 07:16 AM
50 States
Natural wonders by state

08/20/2019 07:17 AM
Latest Travel news

11/19/2019 06:36 PM
NTSB recommends changes following fatal Southwest accident. Boeing says it's working on fix
Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 suffered an engine explosion after a fan blade broke apart. A window was broken and a 43-year-old passenger died.

11/19/2019 06:39 PM
Virgin Voyages to add second cruise ship to its fleet: Valiant Lady coming in May 2021
Virgin Voyages announced an addition to its new fleet. Valiant Lady will be ready for cruisers in May 2021, the company announced Tuesday.

11/19/2019 12:59 PM
Passenger dies after fall from balcony on Carnival's Horizon during cruise
A man fell from a balcony to a deck below on the Carnival Horizon cruise ship as it was returning to port in Miami, officials say.

11/19/2019 12:59 PM
This San Francisco airport therapy pig will steal your heart
Ever wanted to meet an airport therapy pig? LiLou will steal your heart.

11/19/2019 11:34 AM
The best trips of 2020, according to National Geographic
What are the best trips for 2020? National Geographic has announced its annual list.

11/18/2019 09:45 AM
Traveling to Philadelphia? Here are 5 things to do
Here are five suggestions for things to do that aren't the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall or the Rocky Steps.

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11/07/2019 08:02 AM
Southwest Airlines offers dual boarding and deplaning in California
On your next Southwest Airlines flight, boarding and deplaning procedures might look a little different if you're at certain airports in California.

10/18/2019 08:59 AM
The new Mile Cry Club: Flyers bemoan AirPods lost on a plane
Travelers who lose or forget AirPods on a plane often don't see them again because they are hard to find and not easily identifiable.

09/27/2019 10:32 AM
Ever wondered why overhead oxygen bags on airplanes don't inflate? Here's the reason why
You probably haven't thought twice about the overhead oxygen bags on airplanes. Here's why you should.

09/16/2019 11:49 AM
The world's busiest airports in 2018, ranked
When you go the airport, you're probably used to being around a lot of people. But which airports have the most passenger traffic?

08/22/2019 04:49 AM
World's 25 longest airline flights - 2018
Grab your compression socks: These are the world's longest long-haul flights.

08/08/2019 10:02 AM
August aviation photos: Plane spotting around the world
Go plane-spotting around the world with this collection of aviation photos from Augus, including test flights and retro British Airways liveries.

07/12/2019 05:58 AM
35 passengers injured on Air Canada flight heading to Australia
Dozens of passengers were injured on an Air Canada flight from Canada to Australia on Thursday morning.

07/11/2019 03:20 PM
Sun Country Airlines apologizes to mom after she had to pay $75 to sit with her toddler
The mom and her toddler were flying from Providence, Rhode Island, to San Diego with a Minneapolis layover.

07/10/2019 02:55 PM
Southwest updates safety information cards to avoid Boeing 737 Max confusion
Southwest has stopped using combined safety information cards following the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft due to fatal crashes.

07/08/2019 12:57 PM
Catching z's on a long flight? These US airlines provide amenity kits to help flyers relax
United, American, Delta, Hawaiian and JetBlue offer amenity kits that come with items like eye masks, dental kits, lip balm and lotions

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11/15/2019 08:06 AM
Here's how much – and whom – you should be tipping at American hotels
To tip or not to tip: That is the question. Well, one of them. Here's everything you should know about hotel tipping in the U.S.

11/14/2019 01:54 PM
Hotella Nutella pop-up is happening in California — for a few hazelnut-spread-loving superfans
Hotella Nutella, a pop-up experience centered around the beloved hazelnut spread, is happening in Napa Valley for a few contest-winning superfans.

11/13/2019 07:28 AM
Cincinnati's Millennium Hotel to shutter New Year's Eve: What to know about reservations
The Millennium Hotel Cincinnati will shut down operations on Dec. 31., displacing about 100 employees.

11/13/2019 07:21 AM
If you love music, these hotels were made for you
These hotels hit the right notes

11/11/2019 09:09 AM
How to recognize and protect yourself from Airbnb, home rental scams
There are basic steps you can take to make sure you don't buy into what a scammer might be selling on home rental platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo.

11/08/2019 09:44 AM
Bring the whole family to one of the biggest casinos in America
Fun things to do for everyone

11/06/2019 06:28 AM
Mid-century modern restoration planned for former Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge in Des Moines
A local development group wants to revive the old Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge in Des Moines back to its original mid-century modern vibe.

11/05/2019 07:23 AM
Airbnb plans to ban 'party houses' after Orinda shooting. Now people are asking how
After a recent shooting at an Airbnb rental, the home-sharing service vowed to crack down on "party houses."

11/08/2019 08:02 AM
These hotel lobbies are jaw-dropping
Ever walk into a room and just think, "wow"? You definitely will when you take a look at these hotel lobbies.

10/31/2019 11:01 AM
Haunted Airbnbs and hotels that will give you the creeps
Airbnb hosts and hoteliers invite those who dare to stay at their haunted overnight accommodations during the spooky season or year-round.

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GANNETT Syndication Service

11/19/2019 11:34 AM
The best trips of 2020, according to National Geographic
What are the best trips for 2020? National Geographic has announced its annual list.

11/19/2019 08:30 AM
'Cabin Porn': 18 spectacular cabins around the world
Zach Klein, co-founder of Vimeo, started collecting stories of cabin life on a blog, which he has published in a new book, "Cabin Porn: Inside."

11/19/2019 07:56 AM
Pack your bags! 10 must-do travel experiences for 2020, according to Virtuoso
If you want to go on the trip of a lifetime, look no further than Virtuoso's "Wanderlist" experiences for 2020.

11/19/2019 07:52 AM
13 places Fodor's Travel No List says you should avoid in 2020, from Bali to Big Sur
Fodor's Travel's No List 2020 highlights destinations it believes travelers should avoid due to ethical, environmental or political concerns.

11/18/2019 11:45 AM
Photo tour: Beautiful West Virginia
West Virginia offers visitors various outdoor activities, while boasting spectacular views of its mountains, forests and rivers.

11/18/2019 09:45 AM
Traveling to Philadelphia? Here are 5 things to do
Here are five suggestions for things to do that aren't the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall or the Rocky Steps.

11/18/2019 06:26 AM
Where to eat in Denver, according to chef Logan Stephenson
Exploring the Mile-High City's vibrant and diverse culinary scene

11/17/2019 05:30 AM
Photo tour: The sights of Cyprus
Travel writer Lindsay Cohn takes you on a tour of this Mediterranean island, which is both cheaper and less crowded than Greece but no less stunning.

11/17/2019 05:30 AM
Move over, Greece: Cyprus is the next big under-the-radar vacation destination
This low-key Mediterranean locale is far less touristy and much cheaper than Greece. Travel writer Lindsay Cohn takes you on a tour of the island.

11/16/2019 05:00 AM
Let's go to the mall: 10 shopping centers worth traveling to
From Hawaii's Ala Moana Center to New York's Woodbury Common luxury outlet mall, these malls are a tourist destination all on their own. Here's why.

Top Of USA Today Section


Latest Travel News from the New York Times

NYT > Travel

11/19/2019 05:29 PM
We Put Hong Kong on the 52 Places to Go List. Things Got Complicated.
The planned stops on the 52 Places Traveler’s trip around the world included a mainland China ski area, and the vibrant former British colony. Neither was quite as expected.
11/18/2019 01:38 PM
A 17-Mile Hike to Unite San Francisco
A motley alliance decided a single trail could unite this divided city. A sixth-generation native sets out to walk it.
11/15/2019 03:00 AM
Luxury for Less: The Travel Advisor Gambit
When booking a high-end vacation, using a travel agency can mean scoring perks and benefits that would cost hundreds, at no cost to you.
11/16/2019 12:25 PM
Help! Renting a Vehicle Through Europcar Drove Me Crazy!
In this week’s Tripped Up column, Sarah Firshein investigates multiple complaints with the rental car company Europcar.
11/15/2019 03:00 AM
Ho Chi Minh City’s Hilarious Side
Stand-up comedy is sweeping Vietnam’s largest city, often called Saigon, with locals braving open-mic nights in the city’s hippest cafes and bars.
11/16/2019 01:55 PM
36 Hours in Indianapolis
Even with a new and improved Kurt Vonnegut museum and a slew of recently opened restaurants, bars and galleries, this Midwestern city is still true to its roots: short on pretension and very affordable.
11/13/2019 12:34 PM
Would 19 Hours and 16 Minutes in the Air Make Me Crazy?
Qantas plans to offer the longest commercial flight ever, nonstop from New York to Sydney. Sarah Lyall took the test flight, with kangaroo-themed pajamas and, perhaps, too much medication.
11/12/2019 09:16 AM
A Nile Journey Guided by 19th-Century Women
In the late 1800s, women explorers sailed the Nile, sending back vivid accounts of Egypt’s riches. A 21st-century writer travels in their wake.
11/19/2019 11:34 PM
A Quiet Place to Fish, With a 6-Bedroom Lodge as a Bonus
The fishing rights that come with a country home can often add to the property’s appeal, and the price.
11/19/2019 06:11 PM
Submit Your Questions, via Video, for the 52 Places Traveler
We’re collecting submissions for a video Q. and A. with Sebastian Modak, this year’s 52 Places Traveler. Upload your video using the form below.
11/19/2019 03:00 AM
Endangered Crafts and the Destinations Keeping Them Alive
Many indigenous crafts worldwide are in danger of becoming extinct, but in some places, efforts to rescue them are underway.
11/18/2019 11:46 AM
Where to Stay, and Where to Eat Tempura, in Kyoto
The former capital of imperial Japan is still a bastion of tradition, where centuries-old wooden houses and craft workshops abound.
11/18/2019 01:53 PM
How to Move Abroad
Millions of Americans move overseas every year, some for love, some for jobs and others to embrace new cultures. Here’s how you can join them.
11/15/2019 11:18 AM
11 of Our Best Weekend Reads
Tom Hanks. An Alison Roman Thanksgiving. A review of the third season of “The Crown.” Trump, Ukraine and impeachment. The SoftBank effect. And more.
11/18/2019 11:46 AM
Japan in Bloom
For more than a thousand years, the country’s cherry blossom season has been a source of fascination and wonderment. How did such an infatuation begin?

Top Of New York Times Section


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